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Think of how Africa/Humanity can empower itself using technology and the right philosophy; dream ~ create. Now, meet the people dedicated to making this happen right now. We represent the best ideals of our age - Liberty, Creativity & Sustainable Development. We've learnt to make work fun, and we are eager to catalyze and inspire the same in others.

We are Africans dedicated to advancing Africa using the right technology interventions.

We are a company registered in Uganda since 2014.

Reach us via info [at] | Come meet us, in the corporeal world, on 1st Cwa Road, Plot 266, Garuga > Bugabo. Yes, in Uganda.

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Here are some of our active projects and experiments...

Our Active projects...

First, browse and shop some apps from the lab.

  • Since nearly 2014, we have operated post office box #3, Kisubi, but hardly ever found any mail being posted till now. Thus, for the sake of progress and cost-reduction, we are discouraging and eliminating official communications via snail mail. For any formal communications, please use our electronic mail address: info [at]
  • For especially academic research from our labs, as well as creative literature, please visit the portfolio page at Our Team's Research Portfolio

VOSAC (conversational robots)

The existing methods of designing and delivering customer support using automation already proved their worth in many domains of business, however, our labs bring you a new generation of customer support robots that are cheap to deploy, quick to customize and ready for real world business cases. Meet the VOSA (Voice Operated Support Assistant), research on which is being actively spearheaded by our own resident researchers at the lab. The VOSA Client, or rather "VOSAC" is ready to download and test..

The Team


QRLOAD (utility)

QRLOAD is the best of the simple QRCODE editors you can find for your phone. It can be used to create new quick-response codes (QRCODES) from user-provided text, or via the clipboard, share the code and more, in the simplest of ways. It is a true-must-have tool in this day and age of scan-to-know, scan-to-install, scan-to-pay, etc.


Menuza Bytes (service)

Since 2021, Menuza Bytes, originally a food and drinks startup idea first implemented in Bukaaya-Garuga, saw the era of ICT-driven catering services come to the Nuchwezi family. Also, the idea was to create non-ICT income streams to support the research and developments at parent firm, Nuchwezi. With day-to-day business activities designed to leverage business automation at its simplest - via the popular website and official Menuza Bytes app. We have now transformed into a souvenir shop, with initial focus on marketing and selling our home-made craft-candles and related paraphenalia, mostly for creative and spiritual purposes. It is hoped that this venture shall grow to be a sucessful line of business on its own, and that its impact on technology and society shall create desirable side-effects as was first envisioned by the architects.

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Menuza Bytes


266 TV (edutainment)

We once wondered what the most exciting thing possible with the newly established DNAP tech stack could be. Building a modern TV app turned out to be one of them. To most, 266 means Lesotho, however, to us, it means ultimated edutainment and techscapades from the NML! One of the examples of building apps by embedding a DNAP histrion into existing software.



NeD - text file editor

Nerd Editor (utility)

Nerd Editor is the best of the simple file editors you can find for your phone. It can be used to create new files or edit existing files with little or no hustle. It can serve well as a file editor for those reading or editing source files on phone. Comes with an in-built file-name time-stamping feature.


Meta-Egg TRAY

Meta-Egg TRAY (productivity)

We are not trying to turn humans into egg laying things, but this here app readily serves that purpose! A mobile app that allows one to keep track of a stream of time-stamped strings, and to later be able to read, share, analyze or delete them at will. Great tool for paid scribes, diarists, journalists, researchers and more.



DRAMON (utility)

Thinking of those moments when you wish there was someone to suggest to you which of your favorite shoes to wear or which of your friends to visit this weekend? Well, if for now, you don't mind getting suggestions for things to do from Miss Random Personal Assistant Dramon, then make sure to grab this little AI experiment and run with it!!




As the first element of what we originally envisaged when we concieved of Project Okot, The Studio is a technology that enables anyone (including those with no programming knowledge whatsoever), to quickly design, publish and deploy real-world apps for personal, or commercial use - all at the mere click of a button, and currently, at 0-cost! The power and flexibility our technology brings to apps development has no equal at the moment. Want to try building an app in minutes, with no prior programming experience? Let's show you how!




To enable you to build any kind of apps, that can run/work anywhere, in the easiest manner possible, we built The Histrion. It is a general purpose app, that self-modifies to become any app you have designed using The Studio. You have already seen an example of the histrion at work in the test app, here's another example showing the same histrion having changed into something else. We currently have built a histrion for Android, and for the modern web. But will build those for WP, IOS and more...




The DNAP is very ambitious. To offer a full suite of self-sustaining, self-contained range of data technologies, we had to build something called the THE THEATRE. This platform, which is technically a Cloud Computing, Platform-as-a-Service technology, is the heart of the original Project Okot (now DNAP). It is where personas/apps designed via the The Studio are published and served from. It is also where their acts/data goes, and where the web histrion, and diviners both pick their data from, and where they are likewise served from. So, basically, this completes the entire story of Project-O, and lots of planned features such as Machine Learning as a service, mean to power your innovations on our platforms, are meant to take place here - mostly behind-the-scenes.

For now, you need special access to directly use The Theatre, but, even without direct access, anyone already using any of the Project-O technologies is somehow leveraging this already.




Having given you the power to create compelling and powerful data-apps, we go a step further, and give you an auto-ready, user-controlled analytics dashboard for any app you have created using THE STUDIO. With this, you can not only view data being collected by your apps, but can start to mine information and insights from them, using basic or advanced techniques spanning explorative data-analysis to predictive statistics.

Also note: our diviner has been built to be able to actually analyze any compatible datasets anywhere on the web - check the generic diviner for this. It also integrates our work on The Meliorator project (see below)




DNAP Seer is a simple means to let data administrators and analyts on teams collecting data via DNAP histrions on web and mobile to be able to readily browse, filter and analyze submitted data.



TTTT (utility)

TTTT, is short for TEA (TExt Alternator) [T]ext [T]ransformer [T]erminal. TTTT, is useful in crafting nifty arcane utterances from otherwise ordinary text. TTTT uses a kind of simple programming language called TEA Script. You could take boring words like "Hello" and make from them stuff like "Carro", "Herra", "Geta", etc. TTTT comes with an in-built mechanism to allow TEA beginners to import some example TEAS and try their words or sentences on them.



KIZINA (framework)

Music has been there since forever, and music albums have existed longer than us, but this, KIZINA, is the World's first album technology of its kind ever! We have attempted to build a framework upon which music publishers can create self-executing music albums - no external software required, no players, nothing but the album app! It can bundle audio, video, lyrics, bio, art gallery, chat, games, etc. All in an effort to give the fans a richer experience while enjoying your album. Our friend, Nemesis Fixx, is the first to use this technology for his debut Hip Hop album

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XMARK (utility & service)

The idea behind the XMARK project is to create a tool that makes generation of and use of QRCode based business cards dead simple. Currently, you can generate the xmark as image, print onto your business cards as the only content and using the XMark app or some barcode scanners, can export the contact info directly into your phone book or contact the associated contact.

your XMARK

The Meliorator

The Meliorator (utility)

This project is a JQuery plugin that makes it dead simple for anyone to include a user-controlled Explorative Data Analysis panel in their web pages and web-apps. It can render analytics for compatible data from HTML tables, Javascript collections or from APIs. More power to businesses to leverage data insights.

We have further added some really remarkable, powerful features like the ability to design, render and even save user-controlled dashboards! So, you can explore combinations of analysis that deliver the most insights, and just re-use them later. Those building systems can even plugin-in, and delegage many of the steps to their own server as needed. It's more than a plugin, it's fully-fledged analytics web-app, ready to plug into any existing system.

Docs Hack

Ma Ana

Ma Ana(utility,app)

IDENTITY! That's one of the most difficult problems to solve. The invention of names, or rather, language, was the GREATEST EVER. But, what really is a WORD? What's the meaning and importance of a NAME? This and more, are the sort of questions one can possibly solve by exploring the meaning of WORDS, by exploring their structure and explicit and implicit associations - knowledge which this little tool can help you keep at your fingertips any and all time. To any but the dead, this app is a MUST-HAVE.



NPSP (utility & service)

NPSP which is Nu Primary School Platform, is one of the best, yet simple school management platforms accessible anywhere online! This solution can help your school manage its academic & financial data, generate student reports, analyze academic performance across streams and terms, etc. It can be customized to fit your particular needs, and the curriculum of your school, and more modules can be added on-demand.

Core modules include a registry, academics and finance modules, among others.

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TrolMote (utility)

Not just an experiment anymore. TrolMote is a Universal Remote Control that allows one to define custom, arbitrary controls for remotely controlling just about anything that can be controlled via a URI. You could trigger a nuclear bomb with this thingie! Haha, not kidding!

Actually, we use it to manage many of our remote resources, hustle-free and securely.


Page Matrix

Page Matrix (utility)

A tool for allowing you to explore more of the web in an efficient (and simple) way

Explore Hack

Fortune Hunter Game

Fortune Hunter (game)

Fortune Cookies are Awesome! So, let's mine some from these ruins! Basically, get to relax and have fun discovering classic quotables known as "Unix Fortune Cookies", by attempting to re-assemble them...


Ghost Message

Ghost Messages (utility)

Ghost is yet another one of our experimental technologies exploring the use of occult cryptography for mostly esoteric purposes and fun. This one uses a form of encryption known as steganography. The messages can be hidden in plain-sight, and the encrpyted content doesn't have to suggest that it is so - a very potent means of employing cryptography in interesting ways. Ok, now go read that lol posting one more time - there might be something hidden underneath...

Invisible SMS? Hack


CBD (service)

The very ancient, yet still present, science or art of divination, also considered to be one of the earliest means by which mankind was able to consciously tap into and read the contents of his unconscious (not necessarily internal contents), also has a tradition of those who truly read between the lines. Bibliomancy, is here revolutonalized, for modern explorers, who still understand the value of books - any written material that is. To the technical, this tries to use true chaos - the atmosphere (aka.

Read Divinity Hack


SCRY (service)

Yet another mind technology, and still, a subconscious-mind interface. This one is a rendition of the fascinating divination art, this time, aimed at the more visual diviners. The innovation is mostly in the medium - you might see it.

See Clearly Hack


Drop-A-Spell (utility)

This is an experiment in letting you modify content on any website using special voice commands called spells! Sounds fun? Get your Chrome browser and mic ready...



Crypto (utility)

Crypto is less about typical cryptography as known to the majority of people, and more about the relatively ancient art of encoding messages in occult ciphers. The applications of this kind of technnology beyond mere fascniation might elude those with not interest in the esoteric - for those who don't know the use of ciphers, consider hacking for the fun of it. Otherwise, it's dead serious.

Get Occult! Hack

GLOBAL Clipboard

Global Clipboard (utility)

Copy-Paste rules the World!
So the nerds need only 1 Clipboard to rule them all

With this one piece of software installed, you get the ability to copy something on one device and then be able to immediately paste it on another device! With powerful GPG encryption in-built, to ensure this is being done securely

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Behold, some of our dear partners & clients over the years...

Our Partners...


Google (

Alphabet, which is the parent company of Google is a kind of very important partner to Nuchwezi.

Several technologies and products built by or sold by Nuchwezi do leverage the IP and or services of Google. For example, VOSAC leverages Google's TTS Services, 266 TV leverages YouTube for content hosting and streaming.


Microsoft ( )

Apart from providing the main platform from which we develop our in-house products, Microsoft, via their Bing Image Generation service is at the core of many edutainment and content promotion solutions from our media lab; NML.


Meta/Facebook (

Meta, which is the parent company of Facebook, provides social and interaction services that have played a big role in the advancement and outreach efforts of Nuchwezi. In particular, we leverage the WhatsApp platform for customer outreach and after-sales services, but also for hosting our product and service catalogs among other things.

Tellistic Technology Services

TELLISTIC Technology Services (

TELLISTIC Technology Services is a relatively new firm spanning most of Africa, led by an elite team. They research and offer consultancy services in most things Microsoft Office and Cloud/Azure. In this domain, they are the regional leaders.

Our own team used to partner with them in basic and engineering research, and we also once worked with them on various design and branding services.

FIT Insights Group

FIT Insights Group ( )

Fit Insights Group is a well known leader in the design, implementation and dissemination of ICT based solutions for the agricultural sector, especially with regards to enhancing trade in the sector, all across the region. They are one of the leaders in producing high quality info-products consumable online and offline.

We used to jointly explore new info gathering and analysis technologies, and also once offered them web master services.

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions (

A legacy software development firm based in Uganda, offering high tech solutions including Chrysalid and Butterfly Internet Cafe Software, and which is both a pioneer and leader in opensource innovations in the African region.

In the past, we have been partners on mobile and web powered innovations. We continue to collaborate on advancing big-impact ICT systems in the region.



This school, operating at primary level, based in Mityana, Uganda, is perhaps one of the most loyal clients and partners of Nuchwezi in the Education Technology sector. We have worked together on several approaches to school management systems, since 2008, and have explored desktop, web and mobile school solutions that are generic enough to adopt perhaps nation-wide or in schools operating on the standard Uganda cirriculum.


Africa Leadership Institute (

African Leadership Institute, AFLI, prides itself as Improving lives by propagating the use of evidence-based advocacy and policy analysis to stimulate change

At some point, we were their consultant of choice, in problems solvable using ICTs (such as cloud computing, iot and mobile networks, big data and bi/analytics), especially for the betterment of government and our collective society. Visit MPSCANUG for more.

Prof. Donald (Makerere University)

Professor Donald K.R (

We designed their Website, and offer them Webmaster support Services


Serval Ltd. (

We used to provide consultation services spanning mobile and web technologies.

Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment


ACODE is an independent public policy research and advocacy think tank registered in Uganda with operations in the Eastern and Southern Africa sub-region.

We once provided ICT consultation services to them & built some of their powerful mobile & web-powerered research and data-collection platforms.

Bekks Group of Companies

BEKKS Group (

We used to provide ICT consultation services & build their micro-finance technologies. Perhaps this company is not active anymore.


Smart Business Intelligence (

We once provided them with consultation services in the domain of mobile technologies - especially in aspects of business automation and business intelligence/analytics solutions.